Doorstep Delivery


Vehicle Delivery to Your Doorstep

You found the vehicle you want and you're ready to buy, but there is only one problem.  The vehicle is miles away from you.  Well, you could drive to pick it up yourself, but wouldn't you rather not spend all your day or weekend on the road to get it?  This is where Doorstep Delivery comes in!

Fortunately, Crazy Cheap Cars provides a vehicle delivery program, and will deliver the vehicle to your home or office within 60 miles from our location.  Our goal is to get you the vehicle you want, and the distance should not stop you from purchasing the vehicle you desire.  Doorstep delivery service is the latest vehicle buying method to this day.


Learn about the details Crazy Cheap Cars Doorstep Delivery Program below so you know exactly what to expect when having your new vehicle brought to your door.  When you're ready to have your vehicle delivered, reach out to us or let your sales professional know!


Car Delivery With No Worries

If we happen to damage your car during the delivery process, we'll pay for the repairs, or if you prefer, we will rip up the contract and make a deal on another vehicle purchase.

We Bring the Paperwork to You

With Doorstep Delivery, we easily bring the remaining paperwork to you.  We will make sure the car is carefully transported and delivered to your standards.  It has never been easier to purchase a vehicle over the internet.

Doorstep Delivery With Low Costs

Here at Crazy Cheap Cars we try our best to deliver your newer vehicle at the lowest cost.  On average, we charge two dollars for every mile the car needs to be delivered.  The cost of shipment price fluctuates with distance, but most of our customers don't mind paying the extra cost if it means they don't have to travel to get the car themselves. 


Doorstep Delivery Within 60 Miles From Us

We take pride in delivering your new vehicle.  Our Doorstep Delivery program is available within a 60 Miles radius from our Oakfield location.

Your Car Delivered

Our promise is to deliver your vehicle within 72 hours of purchase after all the required paperwork has been signed and finalized.  We know you're excited to get behind the wheel of your new vehicle, so move your vehicle as fast as possible.  Don't believe us?  Try it for yourself!


Get Started with Car Doorstep Delivery

Stop wasting your time and start taking advantage of the new modern car-buying method of today!  Let our Doorstep delivery program save you some hassle.  We promise, our Doorstep Delivery program will make your internet car shopping and buying experience a hundred times easier.


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