Get the Most Out of Your Used Car with These Vehicle Care Tips

When you find the right used car, it can add a lot to your life and help you save a lot of money. One of the unavoidable facts about buying used, however, is the fact that your car has already spent some time on the road. Depending on what you buy, that can add up to years with another driver.

The best way to get the most out of your used car is to put in the extra effort to keep it running and on the road. Here are a few things you can do to help it stay healthy…

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Experience Affordable Used Chevy Trucks, Cars, and SUVs, for Sale in Oakfield at Crazy Cheap Cars

Known for their dependable and versatile lineup of vehicles, Chevrolet offers a wide selection of cars, SUVs, and trucks, to choose. And whether it is used Chevy trucks near Batavia, NY, pre-owned Chevy cars close to Lockport, NY, or used Chevy SUVs in the Lancaster, NY, area that you are on a quest for, our selection of used Chevy vehicles at Crazy Cheap Cars is certainly worth a look. What Chevrolet models do we offer? Take a look at some examples of the vehicles that you may be able to find in our ever-changing inventory.

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Get Your Jobs Done with a Used Truck from Crazy Cheap Cars

Here at Crazy Cheap Cars, we enjoy serving drivers in Oakfield to nearby Batavia, NY, and beyond, with affordable, high-quality used cars. If you are looking for a vehicle with capability for a variety of jobs, as well as the skills to take you seamlessly through your on- and off-road adventures, deciding to go with a used truck may be the ideal option. And in our wide selection of used trucks for sale near Lockport, NY, you will be able to browse through a versatile assortment.

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Discover great deals on used Honda models at Crazy Cheap Cars

You'll always find the most desirable brands and models when you choose us here at Crazy Cheap Cars for your next used car, like quality used Honda models you can enjoy driving for years. Oakfield, Batavia, Lockport, Lancaster, Buffalo and Rochester area residents will find spectacular, unbeatable pricing on used Honda vehicles when you visit our dealership.

We offer the ultimate in price and selection as well as hassle-free financing. Even if you don't have the best credit, we'll fin\

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Find Your Next Jeep at Crazy Cheap Cars

The Jeep name is synonymous with adventure and a rugged independence that's uniquely American in spirit. Boasting a proud history of producing SUVs that are as comfortable off-road as they are on, Jeep has built quite the following among its ownership -- folks who exemplify the "Jeep Hair Don't Care" life. We're proud to offer a compelling collection of used Jeep SUVs to our customers from throughout the greater Buffalo area.

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Should You Be Considering a Tire Replacement?

Whether you’re still driving with your original pair of tires or they have been recently replaced, it’s incredibly important to realize that your tires aren’t going to last forever. Prioritizing the quality of your tire tread can be just as important as getting routine oil changes and inspections.

Staying on top of the state of your tires can even work to make your vehicle more fuel efficient, so it's also important to know the signs of wear in order to properly replace your tires. If you aren't sure what to look for, don't worry…

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Cleaning Your Headlights with Home Remedies

Have you started to notice your headlights going dim?

Before you begin to worry about the cost of replacing them, start by considering one of the several home remedies for the issue. There are likely more tools at your disposal around your house to clean away the grime and bring back transparency than you think.

One of the simplest ones in the minds of our staff at Crazy Cheap Cars to do this is through toothpaste. Toothpaste has chemical properties that make it great for scrubbing off yellow discoloration on headlights. Simply grab a rag and a dab of toothpaste…

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Is Your Brake Pedal Soft? Here's Why

A properly functioning brake pedal should feel firm when your foot presses upon it. In other words, you won't have to press down hard in order to get your vehicle to stop on the streets of Oakfield. When you press hard, that's the sign of a soft brake pedal.

Common causes of a soft brake pedal are air in the brake line or damaged brake line. 

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Use the Lincoln Penny Test to Test Your Tire Tread Depth

You may have noticed that race cars race with smooth threads. This enable their tires to better grip the road during high speeds. Normal cars have varying threads to handle rain, snow, mud, ice, and wet road conditions. These tire threads provide traction by pushing the water away when the tire hits the road.

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