The History of Horsepower

When considering a new vehicle, many shoppers look at what type of engine is used and what the horsepower rating is. Well, as they are both important factors while scouting for a new car, our team at Crazy Cheap Cars want to give you all a brief history of how horsepower came to be.

The first usage of horsepower began towards the end of the 18th century by Scottish inventor and engineer, James Watt. He figured that one horse could produce 33,000 foot-pounds of work per every minute. Watt had to find a way to compare the output of his new and improved steam engines with the power of workhorses in order to market them during that time. The use of draft horses for the mill and my work was still very popular, and with Watt's keen marketing skills to sell his steam engines, workhorses were soon to be archaic in the industrial industry.

To see the modern use of horsepower first-hand, be sure to stop into our showroom at Crazy Cheap Cars and explore the models available!

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