Should You Be Considering a Tire Replacement?

Whether you’re still driving with your original pair of tires or they have been recently replaced, it’s incredibly important to realize that your tires aren’t going to last forever. Prioritizing the quality of your tire tread can be just as important as getting routine oil changes and inspections.

Staying on top of the state of your tires can even work to make your vehicle more fuel efficient, so it's also important to know the signs of wear in order to properly replace your tires. If you aren't sure what to look for, don't worry! Many car owners aren't quite sure how to tell when their tires are worn, but there are a few signs you can watch out for.

If you find that you're slipping while you drive, your tread depth might be low or worn. Your tires should not slip in the rain, for example. If they do, you may have a problem. Similarly, if you're struggling to keep your tire pressure at an acceptable level, it could be time for new tires.

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