Cleaning Your Headlights with Home Remedies

Have you started to notice your headlights going dim?

Before you begin to worry about the cost of replacing them, start by considering one of the several home remedies for the issue. There are likely more tools at your disposal around your house to clean away the grime and bring back transparency than you think.

One of the simplest ones in the minds of our staff at Crazy Cheap Cars to do this is through toothpaste. Toothpaste has chemical properties that make it great for scrubbing off yellow discoloration on headlights. Simply grab a rag and a dab of toothpaste to start scrubbing away the layers of grime that cling to your headlights.

Another solution that is easy to acquire is insect repellent, which has a few chemical properties to it that makes for an effective cleaning agent. You should be careful though, as the chemicals in insect repellant can also be corrosive to paint, so it’s very important to keep it on a rag that you strictly use for your headlights.

Headlight restoration kits contain all the ingredients for cleaning your lights. You can use them to wipe down the exterior of the headlight and reveal a new light underneath.

However, in some cases, you may need to replace the light as it could be damaged by heat. If so, talk to the service department at 8 Main Street in Oakfield for great service rates.

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