Don't Ride Around in a Smelly Car

Bad smells coming from your car could spell trouble. These smells can alert you that there's something wrong with your car. If you happen to notice a foul smell coming from your car do not ignore it. Here are some smells and what they could mean for your car:

  • If you smell rotten eggs it could mean that your car's catalytic converter is malfunctioning. If you don't get it checked in time it could lead to catalytic converter "meltdown" which is a costly repair.
  • Burning carpet is another smell you should pay attention to. This could mean there is an issue with the brakes. Get them checked as soon as possible.
  • The smell of sweet syrup may mean that engine coolant is leaking from the cooling system which could cause huge problems if your car overheats.
  • If you smell hot oil it may mean your car is leaking oil onto the exhaust system. You can check for a leak by looking at the pavement for oil or smoke coming from the engine area.
  • The smell of gasoline could mean you have a gas leak in the fuel injector line or gas tank.
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