Which Driving System is Best for You?

When selecting a car, many people hear but not understand the difference between four- and all-wheel driving systems. Neither system is better than the other, but knowing the difference can allow you to pick a car that is the most beneficial to you in the Oakfield, NY area:

The all-wheel driving system distributes the torque pressure evenly throughout all the tires. The four-wheel driving system instead adjusts the torque pressure for each individual tire, based on road conditions. The latter can generate better traction between the terrain and tire, making it ideal for rougher terrain. Additionally, the four-wheel driving system can be seen in larger vehicles (SUV, trucks, etc.) while the all-wheel driving system can be seen in various car models from basically any automaker.

If you are wanting more information about the similarities/differences between the driving systems or still unsure which one is best for you, come talk to our experts at Crazy Cheap Cars at 8 Main Street!

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